As investors we want to accomplish two basic things: (1) Determine the trend and condition of the market, and (2) select stocks that will ride that tide. The DecisionPoint Alert helps with the first step, and DecisionPoint Diamonds helps with the second. Subscribe today!


Graham D.

“Thank you for the detail you provide and the constant tweaking of your presentation, it has allowed me to forego scanning - you do it all!”

Dan S.

“Your succinct comments and annotations help me to clearly understand how all of the different charting components come together to paint a story about the stock and the market overall.”

William L.

“DecisionPoint Diamonds are the very best charts on the whole internet. Sure they don't all work out, but with judicious selection and careful positioning of at least mental stops, you are going to make big dollars over any period of time. You are making a wonderful contribution to us wanna-be technicians.”


“I read your articles regularly because you both describe the ongoing market conditions and you both are truthful....not too many blog writers do it and are often misleading.”

Mike M.

“Thanks much for giving so much detail and explanation on how you process stock charts!”